Susan Jaffe,
Susan Jaffe Enterprises

“He helped me really connect to the words in a very profound way, so that when I was story telling I was really telling it from my heart."

Caroline Caldwell,
Founder, Beaumonde

”Working with Ray was unbelievable, he helped me find my authentic voice, to speak confidently and speak as myself.”

Houston Goodwin ,
CFO Managing Partner -Tokyn

“Working through my ten minute pitch, slides, pacing and timing was super invaluable.”

Tea Blummer,

“He helps you, gives you courage, he does it in such an inspirational and gentle but also guiding and powerful way I really did find my true voice.”

Audrick Fausta,
Founder, Drikybot

“Helped me to speak better and to be able to speak in front of a big audience with confidence."

Kevin Clark,
Founder, Point Motion

“Ray was able to capture all those ideas floating in my head and make sure that I could articulate it in a way that was true to my passion, but also powerful as a business.”

Mike Schmid,
Founder, Elevate

“I quickly learned that there were so many little techniques that really can take your pitch to the next level”

Kate Usop ,
Founder - The GINA Project

“ I had a lot of thoughts to say per minute, he told me to slow down. Let them bite, let them chew, let them feel and savor the moment.”

Stella Aguirre,
Founder - Audiciones Latinas

“He helped to improve my performance and talking with an audience. I grew in three days to three hundred percent.”

Preet Singh,
Co-Founder, Live Furnish

"We were able to control our voice, emphasize the points that we had to, do the right kind of pauses, make sure that we get all the information out with using as few words as we can and being so impactful."


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